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More Minneapolis construction work may cause more injuries

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

The number of construction workers and accidents involving them are both at their highest levels since 2008. About three-quarters of construction firms state that they plan to hire new employees in 2017. The pay for construction work has risen with its increased demand.

However, the lack of experience of many new construction workers may be leading to a rise in the number of fatal accidents occurring on job sites. In 2015, the construction industry accounted for more than 20 percent of all employee fatalities. On average, 18 construction workers died each week during that year.

To help make their worksites safer, many construction companies are focusing on improving safety and training for employees. Buddy systems are particularly popular since they pair up experienced workers with new employees, who may be more liable to ask questions that they wouldn’t in a training setting for fear of being mocked or made to feel stupid. Workers are also being trained to focus on the four most common causes of danger on construction sites, which are electrocutions, falls, being struck by material and getting caught in between objects.

Although construction sites can be particularly dangerous, individuals can be harmed or develop medical conditions by working in just about any industry. Even office employees can develop issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers’ compensation exists to ensure that people who have been hurt as a result of their jobs can get their medical bills covered even if their employers were not negligent. A percentage of a person’s wages may also be replaced if he or she cannot work while recovering from injuries or illness. A lawyer could help an individual file for benefits and advise him or her about the type of compensation he or she may receive.