A Former Insurance Defense Attorney Putting That Experience To Work For Injured Workers


A Former Insurance Defense Attorney Putting That Experience To Work For Injured Workers

Defending Your Rights In Workers’ Compensation Claims And Social Security Disability Denials

When you are hurt on the job, you may be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Minnesota laws protect you after repetitive motion injuries or an accident at work. These laws require employers to provide wage replacement and medical care to employees — but sometimes employers and their insurance companies refuse to pay the benefits they are supposed to.

When employers and insurance companies deny these claims, it is the employees and their families that suffer. When you need skilled representation to get the benefits you deserve, I can help. From law offices in Coon Rapids, I represent injured workers throughout the Twin Cities and beyond.

Over 27 Years Of Experience Helping Injured Minnesota Workers And Individuals

Nurse And Nurse Aides

Independent Medical
Examination (IME)

Denied Medical Bills And
Denied Wage Loss Benefits

Qualified Rehabilitation
Consultants (QRCs)

Helping Injured Workers Get The Benefits They Deserve

I am Anoka County workers’ compensation attorney David M. Bialke. I grew up in northern Minnesota. As a person from a hard-working family, I can relate to the struggles that many workers go through.

I have personally done construction work, so I understand the trades, what the tradespeople do, and how the body can take a beating on the job.

I represent injured workers in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.

Call 651-964-0909 for a free consultation. I want to hear about your accident or injuries, and explain all your options for your case.

As a lawyer who practices workers’ comp law every day, I know how to help my clients get the benefits they deserve when they get hurt.

My clients include construction workers, tradesmen, factory workers, nurses and nurses’ aides, drivers, food service employees and other hardworking people who simply want fair treatment. I can assist you if:

  • You suffered a back, neck, knee, shoulder, hand or arm injury, or another injury caused by the work you do.
  • You were denied wage loss benefits or turned down for a medical procedure.
  • You were injured at work, but you are not sure if you qualify for benefits – or if you even need an attorney.
  • You have questions about qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs) or an independent medical examination (IME).
  • You don’t know what doctor to go to.

Every injury situation is different. I can help you understand your legal rights and your options for dealing with your injury. Contact my Coon Rapids office by calling 651-964-0909 or using the contact form today.