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Do You Need An Independent Medical Examination?

If you or a family member has a workers’ compensation claim, you may be familiar with the term independent medical examination, or IME for short, which may also be called an independent medical evaluation. An IME is essentially a doctor visit that can be used to:

  • Determine whether (and how badly) a worker is injured and to obtain a medical diagnosis
  • Determine the connection between an injury and the work performed by a patient
  • Make decisions about workers’ compensation benefits
  • Recommend restricted work activity, total disability or a return to pre-injury work without any restrictions even though your own doctor believes restrictions are appropriate.

Like all other medical examinations, an IME relies on a particular doctor’s opinion, which may not in fact be “independent.” In some cases, an IME can be used to substantiate a valid workers’ comp claim. In other cases, it can be biased in favor of an employer’s insurance company, whose job it is to minimize or deny claims and thereby keep costs down. For these reasons and other reasons, it can be important to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer.

I Represent Minnesotans Like You

I am Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney David M. Bialke. I have extensive experience with IMEs. If you need legal advice regarding an independent medical examination or any other workers’ compensation matter, I can help you.

My practice is based in Coon Rapids, but I serve workers and their families throughout the state. My job is to help the injured get the wage replacement benefits and medical benefits to which they are entitled by law. Having represented insurance companies in the past, I understand how those organizations think — and how to advocate for the rights of people who have been hurt at work.

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