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with Brian Zepp of the KQRS Morning Show.

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Protect Your Well-Being. Get Compensation For Neck And Back Injuries.

A job-related back or neck injury can occur in a variety of ways. Many workers hurt their back or neck by lifting heavy objects or falling down. In addition to being painful and sometimes requiring surgery, medication or other serious treatment, back and neck problems can lead to a loss of income.

Construction workers, warehouse and assembly workers, and health care employees are often susceptible to back and neck problems. Strains and sprains in particular may not be taken seriously by others, but they can be debilitating.

If you or a loved one sustained a back or injury on the job, you may be entitled by law to wage replacement benefits and injury-specific medical benefits from workers’ compensation. In some cases, the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer may be needed in order to secure these benefits.

Get The Help You Need

I am workers’ compensation attorney David M. Bialke. With law offices in Coon Rapids, I help injured workers in the Twin Cities and northern Minnesota get the benefits they need after an injury has occurred. I can assist you if your case involves:

  • An injury caused by lifting materials, tools or patients
  • A herniated disk or bulging disk
  • A neck muscle strain or a neck muscle pull
  • An injury caused by repetitive movements

Every injury is different. I can help you understand your legal rights and your options for getting help with your injury.

Advising And Representing Injured Workers And Their Families

Seeking a back or neck injury attorney in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area or northern Minnesota? I can answer your questions about neck and back injuries and workers’ compensation. Contact my office for a free consultation: 763-571-2410.

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