As the economy in Minnesota continues to improve, it’s likely that an increasing number of construction sites will begin to appear throughout the state. While this is certainly positive news for the local job market, it also raises concerns about worker safety. The construction industry is known for being dangerous, which is why it’s critical for employers to take the proper steps to protect workers.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and local authorities are currently investigating a construction accident that occurred south of the Twin Cities. Two men were being lowered into a 50-foot hole to complete electrical work. Suddenly, the cable that was supporting them snapped and caused both men to plunge 20 to 30 feet.

One of the workers sustained fatal head injuries as a result of the fall. Generally speaking, OSHA launches an investigation when someone dies as the result of a workplace accident. Officials from the agency will determine if there were any safety lapses that contributed to the incidents, which could result in punitive action against the employer.

According to reports from WCCO News, the two men were serving as subcontractors on a larger construction project. Although this type of employment arrangement is quite common in the construction industry, it can raise complications in the event of a workplace injury claim.

Knowing that a workers’ compensation claims can be denied, it might be helpful to consult with an attorney. Under most circumstances, if an employee dies on the job, his or her survivors are entitled to workers’ compensation survivor benefits. This financial support can provide a safety net during a difficult time.

Source: CBS Minnesota, “1 Dead, 1 Hurt In Construction Accident Near New Prague,” Aug. 14, 2013