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When an employee can seek workers’ compensation benefits

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

When Minnesota workers are injured on the job, they will likely be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under their employer’s coverage. However, employees must ensure that their injury was work-related and that they were covered by the employer’s insurance policy when the injury occurred.

In general, an injury is considered work-related if it happened while the employee was at work or was performing a duty on behalf of the employer. For example, the injury may be considered work-related if it occurred at the job site, a company party or other company-sponsored social event. If the employee had a preexisting condition that became worse on the job, the aggravated injury is usually considered to be work-related.

Most workers are covered by their company’s workers’ compensation policy, but some are not. These include freelancers and independent contractors. Others who may not be covered include seasonal workers, agricultural workers and domestic workers like babysitters and housekeepers.

Workplace injuries can cause an employee to be unable to earn a living. The financial condition of injured workers can become even worse when their bills for medical care and treatment pile up. Worker’s compensation is designed to alleviate some of this burden, however. Benefits that are typically provided include the furnishing of medical care as well as partial wage replacement. However, many injured workers are not familiar with the process or how to go about seeking and obtaining these benefits. An attorney who has experience with these types of matters can help to ensure that the required claim is complete and filed on a timely basis.