Employees in Minnesota may be interested in learning about the types of injures that are most common for the construction industry. The accidents that occur on a construction site may cause a variety of severe health conditions. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported that 9 percent of all nonfatal illness or injury incidents reported during 2009 involved construction employees. That same year, more than 3.3 million employees in America reported suffering a nonfatal injury or illness on the job.

Construction workers experienced 4.3 incidents involving a nonfatal illness or injury per 100 full-time employees. Approximately 22 percent of the injuries were attributed to falling accidents. Employees working with heights on ladders, roofs, cranes or scaffolding may be involved in these types of incidents. Falls currently account for the highest proportion of workplace injuries every year. Construction employees may also be at risk of brain or spine injuries from falling objects as well.

Injuries suffered while operating heavy machinery is another common occurrence at construction sites. These accidents may involve moving dumpsters or containers, operating a forklift, or using a nail gun in a dangerous or unsafe manner. Some of these injuries may occur because the device is defective. Workplace accidents also happen when employees are operating a motor vehicle for an employer.

Employees who suffer injuries or an illness from work typically benefit from consulting a lawyer. Legal counsel might be equipped to investigate and help identify any of the parties who could be liable for the resulting injuries. In addition, injured employees who are unable to obtain sufficient medical coverage and wage benefits may also be helped by confiding in a lawyer.

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