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Tips to improve worker safety

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Minnesota companies should make worker safety a top priority. Ideally, safety will be a component in every decision that is made throughout the organization and will become a part of the company’s culture. When workers are healthy, they are more likely to be productive and efficient.

Adding value for customers makes it more likely that they will buy goods or services from that company. Therefore, worker safety may be seen as an extension of good customer service. Employers are urged to think of their employees like members of their families, and there is no harm in making worker safety a personal matter. By opening up to workers, they may offer solutions to hazards that exist or may exist at some point within the company.

Taking a proactive attitude toward worker safety may make it easier to prevent accidents before they happen. Ultimately, a proactive attitude toward keeping people safe is more cost effective than doing nothing until an accident happens. Employers may make safety training easier by using online courses that workers can take regardless of what their schedule may be. Companies that need help with safety issues may wish to hire a consultant.

A workplace injury can result in lost wages for an employee and lost productivity for the company. Therefore, employers may benefit from implementing workplace safety programs as soon as possible. However, even with the best of protocols, accidents can happen. A worker who is injured might need lengthy medical treatment and be unable to work during the recovery period. Workers’ compensation benefits can help defray some of these costs, and an attorney can often help such a worker with the preparation and submission of the required claim documentation.