When employers in Minnesota and across the country strive to make safer workplaces, they show that they value the health and lives of their employees. However, some companies may not realize the importance of this issue until an employee is severely injured or killed while on the job. There are several factors that may encourage employers to be more proactive regarding workplace safety.

Many employers decide to cut corners when training employees about safety issues. For instance, in an effort to save time and money, an employer may avoid having new employees undergo days of training courses before operating a dangerous piece of machinery. Instead, the employer might advise the employee to simply read the equipment manual to learn how to operate the machinery.

Unfortunately, undertrained employees are more likely to suffer on-the-job injuries. When a workplace accident involving machinery occurs, a company is required to notify the Occupational Safety and Health Administration about the incident. If the employer failed to follow certain safety standards, OSHA will issue a fine. In such a case, the employer’s insurance premiums will probably increase and reduce profit margins.

Furthermore, when employees realize that the company has a low value of its workers, they may become discouraged and quit. Such companies waste resources hiring new workers while suffering from a poor reputation, decreased productivity and low revenue. Thus, poor safety training affects everyone at the workplace.

From proper training procedures for new hires to ongoing safety classes for every employee, employers should do all they can to create a safe working environment. Employees who suffer workplace injuries might wish to contact a local attorney for counsel.