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Safety practices for tree trimming professionals

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

The need for tree care in Minnesota can range from simple upkeep at residences to major renovations to protect structures and individuals on public property. The dangers presented by trees can range from the risk of damage to structures from a falling tree to serious fire hazards when branches grow toward power lines. Although some homeowners will attempt their own tree maintenance, there are certain situations in which professional tree care is a must. For example, trimming within 10 feet of power lines should be handled by a trained professional.

Individuals doing their own tree care could benefit from reviewing OSHA recommendations that are aimed at preventing workplace injuries for professional tree trimmers. In fact, those working as tree trimmers professionally should also make it a practice to regularly review these safety practices. For example, it is important to work in pairs to ensure that help is available if something goes wrong. It is important to be alert and to evaluate an area prior to doing any trimming activity. A tree trimmer should not perform work during severe weather.

Climbing safety is also inherent in tree trimming. Fall protection protocols should be carefully followed. Further, workers should not climb with their tools in their hands. Anyone using power equipment such as chain saws should do so only after receiving proper training. Eye protection and hard hats should be used in conjunction with trimming activity.

In spite of good safety practices, there is still some level of risk in the midst of tree trimming and other landscaping activities. People working for a reliable contractor should expect workers’ compensation coverage to be available in the event they are injured. If a company has not properly maintained this coverage, they could be left facing major medical costs as well as lost earnings after an accident. In such cases, legal assistance could be important for addressing these shortcomings.