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Promoting electrical safety at work

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Minnesota business owners may have heard about the non-profit organization, the Electrical Safety Foundation International, which promotes electrical safety solutions in the workplace, home and community. Since many workplace accidents are related to electricity, business operators may benefit from what the organization has to offer.

Because electricity plays a major role in causing injuries, deaths, property loss and fires, the organization holds campaigns each year during its National Electrical Safety Month. During its May campaign, the organization discusses pertinent electricity-related safety topics to encourage a safe workplace. It employs useful teaching aids such as fact sheets, printable learning tools, posters and publications and provides ways to promote their electrical safety messages by using social media and other media-related content.

Through its vast library of tools and templates, the ESFI hopes to raise awareness about how to prevent workplace electricity-related accidents, injuries and fatalities from occurring. In addition, the organization’s materials and campaigns have assisted employers and their employees to understand electrical concepts, codes and standards in order to improve electrical safety at the workplace.

With the abundance of electrical equipment at many work sites, not only are electricians exposed to daily electrical hazards but also construction and industrial workers, machinists, and those employed in the telecommunications and mining industries. As a result, many workers are injured or killed each year in an electrical-related on-the-job accident. Workplace accidents can happen even if all safety precautions are taken by employers and their workers. Most employees are covered by their company’s workers’ compensation insurance policies, and those who are injured in such an accident may want to have the assistance of an experienced attorney when preparing and submitting a claim for benefits.

Source: ESFI, “National Electrical Safety Month”, April 19, 2016