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Preventing workplace accidents in Minnesota

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Workplaces are all too often a place where injuries occur, and harm suffered at work sites can be severe and debilitating. In some cases, it may be fatal. Along with locations like construction sites and manufacturing plants, even places like hospitals and stores can present dangers. Therefore, it is essential that employers take safety precautions to prevent avoidable injury, such as appropriate training and ensuring that safety regulations are being followed. Additionally, training employees on when to use equipment and going above and beyond the basics to prevent falls may help to reduce the risk of injury.

While most companies train their employees on how to handle equipment, not every organization ensures that workers are using them when needed. One example of this is lifts. People may think it is faster and easier to pick up a heavy object, but they are putting themselves at risk for injury when they don’t use a lift.

Falling is another injury that is very common, and while it cannot be avoided entirely, not all companies are doing everything they can to prevent falls. Along with ensuring that spills are cleaned up, employees can be required to wear special non-slip shoes, and non-slip mats can be put in areas where spills are common or unavoidable.

Even when all safety protocols are followed, however, some workplace injuries are unavoidable. Many people who are injured on the job are eligible to claim workers’ compensation benefits through their employer’s insurance coverage. An attorney can often assist an accident victim with the preparation and filing of the required documentation.