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Preventing common workplace injuries

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News |

Minnesota residents who become injured on the job may not be aware that some workplace injuries are much more common than others. Some victims of workplace injuries wonder if their accidents could have been prevented with greater oversight by their supervisors or other management at their companies.

Some of the most common workplace injuries can occur in any occupational setting. Overexertion is the most common type of injury that occurs at work, accounting for nearly 27 percent of workplace injuries. Lifting and carrying objects may seem simple, but occupational safety professionals recommend that employers train their employees on safely handling heavy objects, encourage employees to seek help from coworkers when doing so and provide them with safety equipment to prevent injuries. Employees often do not have access to some or any of these measures to prevent injury, and they may suffer strains, sprains or other injuries because of it.

Nearly 17 percent of workplace injuries involve a slip, trip or fall. Spills, obstructions and other hazards may not be immediately cleaned up in busy workplaces, leaving workers at high risk of falling onto hard industrial flooring. Fractures, sprains and even head injuries commonly occur as a result of these incidents. Dedicated janitorial staff, anti-slip coating on floors and encouraging employees to wear non-slip footwear may help prevent these types of injuries.

While employees have a role in preventing accidents at work, employers must take initiative in keeping their staff safe. Many workplace injuries occur because employees do not have the proper equipment and training to maintain a safe and productive work environment. An attorney who has experience in workers’ compensation matters can assist an injured client in filing a claim for benefits.

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