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Noise, blind spots may be factors in workplace accidents

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

In some Minnesota workplace environments, the risk of injury or death lies around every corner. Many industrial facilities and large fulfillment warehouses are inherently busy and noisy places comprising numerous intersections, docks and blind spots. When forklift operators and runners on foot are also part of the mix, collisions involving employees, equipment or both may occur due to the compromised visibility and lack of reliable safety enhancements at the site.

Even a near miss can have serious ramifications. In some situations, employees could fall, or they might drop any materials that they are carrying in the process of avoiding a crash. In addition to physical injury, the spilled chemicals, products or production materials could result in additional issues, including the loss of productivity, the cost of litigation and a rise in insurance rates.

The safety precautions that are commonly taken by employers may not be equally effective in all workplaces. For example, the everyday noise in a workplace facility may drown out the warning sounds emitted by forklifts and other vehicles. Employees may also cease to hear frequently emitted alerts, beeps and buzzers, which may blend into the general background noise of normal operations over time. Among the safety options that are available, however, industrial safety domes and mirrors may provide an economical and viable solution to collision prevention in some situations.

These industrial mirrors and domes may protect an unspecified amount of traffic each day, but accidents still may occur. In Minnesota, employees who suffer workplace injuries may find it beneficial to take their cases to an attorney who is practiced in the area of workers’ compensation law for evaluation and subsequent assistance in filing a claim.