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More about qualified rehabilitation consultants

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Accidents |

If you are a Minnesota employee, you may benefit from learning more about qualified rehabilitation consultants. Employees who suffer an injury on the job and receive workers’ compensation benefits often interact with qualified rehabilitation consultants. Although qualified rehabilitation consultants are often helpful, ultimately their income is provided by the employer’s insurance company. Some contend that the qualified rehabilitation consultant’s ultimate agenda may be based on lowering costs for the insurance provider.

State laws provide employees with the right to choose their own qualified rehabilitation consultant. However, there may be time constraints and specific limitations that govern the selection process. Qualified rehabilitation consultants may be the first to contact family members if an employee suffers a serious injury on the job. The qualified rehabilitation consultant may attempt to meet with the family in an attempt to discuss the implications of the injury

The QRC is usually interested in attending medical appointments when an employee has already worked 60 days of work restrictions after an injury occurred at the job. Family members who have been contacted by a qualified rehabilitation consultant about vocational rehabilitation may benefit from contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer. Legal counsel may be able to assist injured workers with choosing their own qualified rehabilitation consultants instead of letting the insurance company decide. Injured workers who have had their medical claim declined may also benefit from contacting a workers’ compensation lawyer.

If you have been denied wage benefits as part of your worker’ compensation claim, you may also be interested in obtaining legal representation. We may be able to investigate your workplace accident and begin gathering evidence to help support your claim. For further information on these matters, you are invited to visit our page on qualified rehabilitation consultants.