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How to prepare for OSHA inspections

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

A visit by an Occupational Safety and Health Administration official can make any Minnesota business owner feel concerned and anxious. However, there are certain ways business operators can make sure they’re prepared for an OSHA inspection.

Because OSHA inspectors will be looking for possible dangers at the workplace, it may be a good idea for company owners or supervisors to take a careful examination of their property to identify and remove any hazards themselves. While this action seems simple, established planning to address hazards is vital to keeping the workplace safe.

Another way business operators can keep the workplace free from dangers is to make sure their employees are given regular intervals of safety training and education. This includes habitual testing and updates to make certain employees are learning the information. Arming employees with knowledge about identifying and evading existing hazards can decrease the chances of accidents and injuries.

Keeping updated with required paperwork is also a smart way business operators can be prepared for OSHA inspections. In fact, inspectors will often start by requesting to examine the business’s records. Therefore, it is important that businesses strictly adhere to OSHA regulations regarding workplace procedures and show verification that they are being kept. Companies must also carefully document and report any incidents in a timely fashion. For instance, occupational fatalities and catastrophes must be reported within eight hours from the event.

Any employee who suffers workplace injuries can exercise their right to file for workers’ compensation benefits. If those benefits are denied or delayed, the injured employee may wish to get advice from an attorney experienced in such issues.