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Chemical plants and injury prevention

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Workers at Minnesota chemical manufacturing plants are exposed to a variety of risks. In order for the workplace to be safe, it is essential that employers develop methods to decrease the chances of accidents occurring and that they have effective fall prevention strategies. Knowing the different types of injuries that can occur and why they happen is key.

Chemical manufacturing plants are particularly dangerous places to work because of their products can be toxic and extremely flammable. Typical injuries that can occur may include chemical exposure, burns and inhalation. Employees may also sustain cuts, abrasions, overexertion and trips and falls. Accidents can still occur in chemical manufacturing plants even if there are safeguards in place to lower the risk. To know what steps to take to prevent future accidents, both employers and workers should know why and how they happen.

Human behavior, insufficient safety training and poorly maintained safety equipment are the three main reasons accidents occur in chemical plants. Workers can become complacent, resulting in their taking shortcuts and not complying with the company’s safety procedures. Employers should make sure that all employees know how to properly operate safety equipment and can unload and load cargo correctly. Employers should also ensure that all equipment undergoes regular maintenance to avoid equipment malfunctions that can cause accidents.

Individuals who sustain workplace injuries may be able to receive workers’ compensation for rehabilitation, lost wages and medical expenses. An attorney may assist with filing the required claim and provide advocacy at an appeals hearing if it is denied.