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Construction industry may benefit from new safety tech

| Mar 28, 2018 | Construction Workers' Accidents, Firm News |

Construction workers in Minnesota are exposed to dangers at the work site day after day. Each year, an average of 1 in 10 construction workers is injured. The year 2015 saw a seven-year high in fatalities in the private construction industry with 937 workers losing their lives in the U.S. Preventing accidents has become a little easier, though, with the help of new technology.

Global safety firms like Brigade Electronic have come out with new reversing alarms, for instance, that emit the sound of white noise. This poses a great advantage because construction workers can become easily confused with alarms that all share the same beeping noise. With the white noise, workers will know which alarms are coming from what direction and can duly exercise caution.

In-vehicle cameras are another benefit because they provide van and HGV drivers as well as the operators of excavators, wheel loaders and other machinery with a complete view of their surroundings. With no blind spots, operators can better avoid accidents. Also, new radar systems can set off audio and visual warnings inside a vehicle when there are people and objects in blind spots. These are ideal for workplaces that are foggy, smoky or dusty such as mines and quarries.

Whether construction workers’ injuries are the result of negligence or not, victims may be compensated through the workers compensation program. Though the benefits will not be as extensive as a settlement gained through a lawsuit, they may help cover basics like medical bills and time lost from work. Victims might wish to consult with a lawyer about the filing process and make sure each step is handled with professionalism. Before negotiating for the maximum settlement, the lawyer may bring in third parties like investigators and medical experts in order to establish what happened and how extensive the injuries were.