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Potential injuries for welders and avoiding them

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Although welding is one of the most dangerous career choices, it does not have to be. Welders are exposed to personal injury risks because of the extreme heat that they deal with on a daily basis. However, Minnesota welders who are aware of these risks and take the necessary precautions can avoid injury.

Two areas that are most exposed to workplace injuries during welding are the body itself and the eyes. A welder’s skin is most vulnerable because the flames that the individual works with are hot enough to penetrate steel. Although burns are a common injury related to fire, the welder’s eyes are also at risk. The individual’s vision can eventually be lost from staring at the bright light that the flames produce. Even observers who are not welding can suffer vision loss.

Welders are also at risk of suffering lung damage. Sometimes welding creates noxious or unpleasant fumes that can cause breathing problems or be lethal after years of exposure. Additionally, welders may be subject to heat exhaustion, which can make an impact on them not only physically but mentally. Such impacts could cause serious accidents.

Despite these great risks, welders can dramatically reduce them by taking certain measures. The first is to always wear safety gear such as goggles, face masks and fire-resistant clothing. Welders should only work in designated areas. If they have to perform on-site welding, they should keep a list of possible combustibles and either clear them from the area or cover them with materials that are fire resistant. Other measures include avoiding sweating, which could cause clumsiness, and keeping a first aid kit nearby.

Even when welders take all of the necessary precautions, accidents may still occur. If they are injured while they are on the job, then they may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Welders who are unsure about their rights may want to discuss their situation with an attorney.