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What are repetitive motion injuries?

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workplace Injuries |

Workers in Minnesota are at risk for suffering injuries on the job. One of the most common injuries all workers are at risk for are repetitive motion injuries. Repetitive motion injuries result from constant wear and tear on a worker’s body.

Repetitive motion injuries are becoming one of the most common types of injuries workers in Minnesota face and are often caused by workers being overworked or not being capable of completing all the physical requirements of their job in a safe manner.

Workers who use repetitive motion, awkward posture, force, heavy lifting or a combination of these factors are at a higher risk of suffering a repetitive motion injury while working. Repetitive motion injuries can be a very serious workplace injury and can lead to workers not being able to perform their duties anymore.

What workers are at risk for suffering a repetitive motion injury? All workers are at risk for suffering this injury but there are certain job duties that put workers at a higher risk of having a repetitive motion injury.

The common job duties and functions include line workers who stand and do the same motion during their entire shift. Workers who use a computer all day and use other technology as a part of their daily job duties often suffer wrist and hand injuries due to the repetitive motions they are required to perform at work.

Workers who are required to handle heavy objects and do heavy lifting also have an increased risk for suffering a repetitive motion injury. These workers may suffer back injuries more commonly than other workers due to constantly handling heavy items at work.

Workers should be aware of the risks they face for developing a repetitive motion injury. Workers should know that if their workplace injuries result in necessary medical care or they can no longer work due to their injury, they may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits under Minnesota law.

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