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Avoiding workplace safety risks by asking the right questions

| May 6, 2019 | Firm News, Workers' Compensation |

As businesses grow alongside an increase in demand, workplace safety becomes a bigger issue that the owners must assess. Minnesota employers must not assume that only hard labor is cause for concern because even office tasks could lead to worker injuries. There are several questions that business owners can ask their human resources team to ensure that safety guidelines remain relevant and that workers follow them.

First, company owners need to identify the physical risks of their workplace environment. Injuries from slips and falls, for example, can compromise employee health and well-being as well as lead to liability lawsuits. Business owners can talk with their HR teams to brainstorm how to prevent the physical risks.

The next safety risk to identify is cultural, which can include areas in which workers have unfavorable interactions with colleagues, clients or others that may compromise the reputation of the business. Employers should determine how the business culture could create problems such as stress that affects the emotional health of workers and poor confidentiality practices that may lead to the inappropriate sharing of information.

Having a brainstorming session can help company owners determine how to keep these cultural risks to a minimum. They can also take a look at how to blend safety guidelines into the company culture as well as determine why some employees may be refusing the safety guidelines and addressing those reasons.

Additionally, business owners should assess whether employees are working more than they should. Perhaps employees without enough time or the proper training are taking on additional work that they cannot actually handle. Rectifying this issue may only require the owners to implement more effective delegation. Sometimes it requires interviewing more qualified workers to add to the team.

When workers suffer injuries on the job, whether it is on a construction site or at an office desk, they could be awarded workers’ compensation benefits that could include medical care and partial wage replacement. Many injured workers find that having the assistance of an attorney in the preparation and filing of a claim is advisable.