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Not every legal issue should progress to a courtroom battle. By the same token, however, initial setbacks do not have to be the final word. Having an attorney that understands that distinction -- when to pursue settlement negotiations or prepare for trial -- is essential to protecting a client's rights. The Law Office of David M. Bialke can do just that.

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Every workplace has its own hazards. One of our law firm's past clients worked as a UPS delivery agent. He potentially faced a new workplace hazard with every new delivery, depending on fluctuations in the weather, changes in traffic conditions, or other variables.

Nail gun injuries in the construction industry

Although nail guns boost productivity and are easy to use, they can be dangerous tools. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, about 37,000 visits to emergency rooms are made every year because of nail gun injuries. Minnesota employees in the construction industry may not realize that some workers die from nail gun accidents as well.

What injuries are common at a construction site?

Employees in Minnesota may be interested in learning about the types of injures that are most common for the construction industry. The accidents that occur on a construction site may cause a variety of severe health conditions. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention reported that 9 percent of all nonfatal illness or injury incidents reported during 2009 involved construction employees. That same year, more than 3.3 million employees in America reported suffering a nonfatal injury or illness on the job.

Understanding construction injury issues

Construction injuries can range in severity from minor to severe or fatal, and many are due to the exposure of workers to dangerous conditions on a consistent basis. Various regulations and programs exist both in Minnesota and nationwide to improve safety awareness while limiting the potential for accidents in the construction environment. However, many incidents occur in spite of such precautions. Common incidents include falls, machinery accidents, electric shock and exposure to dangerous materials.

Construction industry recognizes severe risk of fall injuries

In order for communities to grow, construction is necessary. Bystanders may not entirely understand all of the risk involved in building residential facilities and other public amenities in urban centers like Minneapolis and St. Paul. Regardless, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous in the country, so employers should take steps to create the safest environment possible.

Lessons from National Work Zone Awareness Week

Last week was National Work Zone Awareness Week. This week has been observed for the past 15 years in the United States for one critical reason. Individuals who are assigned to road construction sites risk their lives and their wellbeing every single day that they are on the job.

Legislation seeks to protect Minnesota road construction workers

Minnesotans are used to dealing frequent road construction projects. Although obeying orange construction zone signs may be seemingly automatic for some drivers, readers may be surprised to know the level of risk road construction workers face every day.

Worker recovers after falling during bridge construction project

The construction industry is known to include a number of risks for workers. In order to address these safety concerns, officials with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforce various regulations to help ensure that construction workers return home safely at the end of the day.

Football stadium construction marred by 2 deaths

When a community is preparing for a new sports stadium, there is likely a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to opening day. During this time, however, it can be easy to forget the risks construction workers face day in and day out on the job.

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