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July 2017 Archives

Fatal workplace injuries result in jail time and fines

Production incentives for managers may be increasing the risk of workplace accidents for Minnesota employees. Construction is widely understood to be one of the most dangerous industries, and those involved in excavation and trenching take on even more risk. The fatality trend has gone up and led to jail time for at least one supervisor. An official at a risk management firm pointed to three reasons for the increased risk.

How to keep manufacturing workers safe

Minnesota residents who work in the manufacturing sector may face a higher level of danger compared to other workers. According to data from the Department of Labor, there are roughly 10,000 severe injuries that occur in U.S. workplaces each year. The manufacturing sector is responsible for 57 percent of those that result in amputation and 26 percent of the injuries that result in hospitalization.

Smart tech brings advances to occupational disease

Technological improvements in healthcare are expected to yield recovery improvements in even the worst workplace injuries. A presentation on wearable technologies shared both current and future applications expected in the field. A major topic of relevance to Minneapolis employees seeking workers' compensation was how these wearable technologies coincide with the needs of those who have experienced catastrophic and chronic injuries.

Administrative and engineering controls can save your back

One of the primary safety challenges in all industries in the country, including in Minnesota, is to prevent back injuries. Not only do these cause business expenses totaling billions of dollars each year in workers' compensation claims, but they also result in much pain and suffering to millions of employees. Safety authorities identified manual materials handling as the primary cause of back injuries -- the majority affecting lower backs -- with most injuries occurring during lifting.

Possible higher risks for younger workers

Minnesota teens and other younger workers may be at a greater risk for injury than older workers. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that on-the-job injuries that must be treated in emergency departments are approximately two times higher for workers under 24 than for older workers.

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