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May 2017 Archives

How earnings pressure impacts injury rates

Minnesota residents may be interested to know that research has indicated a link between meeting earnings forecasts and an increased risk of employee injury or illness. A study found that there was a 5 to 15 percent increase in a company's injury/illness rate when it matches or barely exceeds analyst forecasts. This is partially because of the high volume of work employees may face when attempting to meet financial expectations.

Processing poultry is dangerous work

Minnesota residents may not be surprised to learn that severe work-related injuries are more common in hazardous workplaces like sawmills, steel manufacturing facilities and automobile assembly plants, but they may not know that workers in the poultry processing industry are even more likely to require hospitalization or lose a limb or an eye than their counterparts in these seemingly more hazardous fields. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration collects severe injury reports from employers around the country, and researchers from the National Employment Law Project have relied on this data to come up with a list of the nation's most dangerous jobs.

A fall harness can save or claim your life

Falls from heights form a significant percentage of the annual death toll in the U.S. workforce, including in Minnesota. If your job involves working at extreme heights, your life is in jeopardy every day. Did you know that the fall protection you wear to save your life could also cause your death?

AFL-CIO report expresses concern for worker safety

An AFL-CIO report has found that 150 workers died daily in 2015 from work-related injuries or illnesses that were preventable. In all, 4,836 workers died from injuries while between 50,000 and 60,000 died from disease related to their job. Furthermore, workers in Minneapolis and throughout the country are less safe under the Trump administration than they were during the Obama administration, according to the report. The AFL-CIO president said that while the Obama administration had strengthened many enforcement policies and improved workers' rights, those same safety initiatives were now under threat. The report estimated that since the Occupational Safety and Health Act passed in 1970, the lives of more than 550,000 workers have been saved.

Chemical plants and injury prevention

Workers at Minnesota chemical manufacturing plants are exposed to a variety of risks. In order for the workplace to be safe, it is essential that employers develop methods to decrease the chances of accidents occurring and that they have effective fall prevention strategies. Knowing the different types of injuries that can occur and why they happen is key.

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