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Smart tech brings advances to occupational disease

Technological improvements in healthcare are expected to yield recovery improvements in even the worst workplace injuries. A presentation on wearable technologies shared both current and future applications expected in the field. A major topic of relevance to Minneapolis employees seeking workers' compensation was how these wearable technologies coincide with the needs of those who have experienced catastrophic and chronic injuries.

Processing poultry is dangerous work

Minnesota residents may not be surprised to learn that severe work-related injuries are more common in hazardous workplaces like sawmills, steel manufacturing facilities and automobile assembly plants, but they may not know that workers in the poultry processing industry are even more likely to require hospitalization or lose a limb or an eye than their counterparts in these seemingly more hazardous fields. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration collects severe injury reports from employers around the country, and researchers from the National Employment Law Project have relied on this data to come up with a list of the nation's most dangerous jobs.

Exposure to toxic chemical continues in construction industry

Minnesota workers might like to know about the fate of some safety regulations issued by former President Barack Obama now that there is a new administration. While some have been waiting for new rules concerning silica on construction sites, further delays are on the horizon as President Trump appears poised to review existing and proposed federal regulations.

More Minneapolis construction work may cause more injuries

The number of construction workers and accidents involving them are both at their highest levels since 2008. About three-quarters of construction firms state that they plan to hire new employees in 2017. The pay for construction work has risen with its increased demand.

Do you work at a hospital? You may be at risk for injury.

Hospital workers, especially nurses, are extremely valuable employees, but due to the nature of their jobs, they may face a higher risk of injury than people who are employed in other industries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, hospitals report injuries at a rate almost twice as high as private industry as a whole.

Video: Experienced, Aggressive Representation For Workers' Compensation And Social Security Disability | Law Office of David M. Bialke

Our law firm's founder began as an insurance defense attorney, representing insurance companies in disputed workers' compensation claim matters. After ten years, he switched to helping injured workers.

The dangers of falling objects

Employers in Minnesota and throughout the country may face serious consequences if a worker is hurt or killed on the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 240 reported deaths in 2014 involving workers who were struck by falling objects or equipment. That is roughly 5 percent of all workplace fatalities during that year.

Back injuries are a big deal

A job-related back injury can happen for a number of reasons. Regardless of how your injury occurred, a back injury can compromise your ability to do your job well, move without pain and continue in the same line of employment. Do not dismiss your back injury as something that will resolve itself over time, but secure the help you need to ensure you get necessary medical care and time to recover.

Video: Client Testimonial - Reggie

Not every legal issue should progress to a courtroom battle. By the same token, however, initial setbacks do not have to be the final word. Having an attorney that understands that distinction -- when to pursue settlement negotiations or prepare for trial -- is essential to protecting a client's rights. The Law Office of David M. Bialke can do just that.

Possible workers' comp changes for 2017

Minnesota employees may have heard that in 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor had recommended revamping the workers' compensation system around the country. However, with the fact that the Trump presidency wants to reduce government involvement, those plans will likely be delayed. Some have even speculated that the system could be significantly impacted if the Affordable Care Act is repealed or replaced.

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